IGNACIO IN THE DARK (7th Grade Sleuths Book #2)

Ignacio Soto’s thrilled when his fellow Seventh Grade Sleuths, Ju and Gunther, join him at the Lenape Environmental Center to explore the night sky at a state-of-the-art astronomical observatory. But the three friends are horrified when the enormous telescope moves eerily, all on its own, endangering dozens of visitors. Has someone sabotaged it? Has it been possessed? Are spies hacking into the observatory's computer? The amateur detectives take on the Case of the Out of Control Telescope, as the center’s popular Festival of Matter draws near. But keeping the clue-hunting under wraps gets sticky when the festival brings some big-shot astrophysicists into town, including one with a close personal connection to Ig. This shocking development will change Ignacio’s life forever, forcing him to question how he perceives the past, and the universe around him.

“In Dania Ramos’s heart-warming and engaging tale, seventh-grader Ignacio Soto encounters mysteries as large as the universe and a couple that sometimes feel even larger - his friends and family.” - Dan Poblocki, author of the Shadow House series

WHO’S JU? (7th Grade Sleuths Book #1)

Justina ‘Ju’ Feliciano and her fellow seventh-grade sleuths are on the case! A sneaky vandal has damaged scenery from the middle school drama club production and the newbie detectives must catch the culprit before opening night. But Ju faces a completely different kind of mystery when a genetics assignment forces her to investigate the cold hard fact that her frizzy blonde hair and amber eyes don’t match the shades of brown that run in her family.

"Ramos has created an excellent, fully developed heroine. Fans of Nancy Drew or "39 Clues" (Scholastic) who are looking for something new will enjoy this multilayered tale. A diverse mystery novel that goes deeper than the typical whodunit to examine issues of identity and family." - School Library Journal (Patrick Tierney)

“A solid entry into tween realistic fiction.” - VOYA (Laura Lehner)

"Dania Ramos has written a fun, humorous, lighthearted caper that subtly and brilliantly explores the importance of cultural identity." - Linda Nieves-Powell, author of Yo Soy Latina!

"At a time when the publishing world is in desperate need for more diversity in children's literature, Ramos has introduced Justina, who is not only full of cultural pride, but is also universally relatable as she struggles with issues all kids face: Who am I and where do I fit in?" - Crystal Velasquez, author of the Hunters of Chaos series

"Ju is a terrific personality with a large, inquisitive mind and an even bigger heart. Girls of all ages will remember her long after the last page is turned." - Cecilia Galante, author of The Patron Saint of Butterflies

2017 Sakura Medal Nomination
2016 The Latino Author Top 10 Children and Teen Books
2015 International Latino Book Awards - Best YA eBook Winner
2015 ILBA Mariposa Award (Best First Book) Finalist
2015 Latina Book Club’s Books of the Year
2015 Latin@s in Kid Lit’s Let’s Read Latin@
2015 Jump into a Book’s Latino Middle Grade Chapter Books You Should Know
2015 Latina Book Club’s Mini Summer Reading List

The Night Bazaar front cover.jpg

THE NIGHT BAZAAR: Eleven Haunting Tales of Forbidden Wishes and Dangerous Desires

Dania's story "Vista Eterna" is in a new horror anthology published by Northampton House Press, editor Lenore Hart.

"Appealing to those who like their fantasy served with a side of psychological horror, this anthology is sure to entertain." - Publishers Weekly